Young Musician of Dyfed: Potted History

The first Young Musician competition took place in 1990. It was organised by the late Michael Dobson as part of the Carmarthen Festival and continued to do so until the festival folded in 1994. The competition was taken over by Carmarthen Arts and with the death of Michael, Dr Madeline Mayne took up the torch for the following five years. In 1999 Young Musician of Dyfed became a registered charity and the decision was taken to rotate the event around the three counties on a year by year basis. Its regular place in the calendar was November with the initial round taking place during the day and a final in the evening. Competitors were invited to perform a 15minute programme to the adjudicating panel of professional musicians. At the end of the afternoon, finalists were shortlisted and they returned for the Final on the same evening. The whole event was always open to the public.

In 2009 the two charities Young Musician and Young Composer of Dyfed merged and Young Music Makers of Dyfed was created to oversee both activities. Following the 2011 Young Musician competition we took the decision change the format of the competition – replacing the traditional format of the preliminary round with a masterclass for each of the competitors and moving the Final to a different date so that it could coincide with the public concert that marks the culmination of the Dyfed Young Composers scheme.

We believe that offering all competitors the opportunity to take part in a masterclass in which they will work with established professional musicians rather than simply performing to them, will provide everyone taking part with very real benefits in terms of developing their performance skills, building their confidence and perhaps discovering new and different approaches to take in their playing. The change will also make Young Musician of Dyfed distinct from the many other competitions available to young people and we hope will offer a further incentive to take part.

Previous Winners

Year Name Age Instrument
1990 Max Norman 18 Cello
1991 Catrin Hughes 17 Clarinet
1992 Iestyn Evans 14 Piano
1993 Catrin Finch 13 Harp
1994 Nerys Richards 14 Piano
1995 Esyllt Lloyd Jones 17 Clarinet
1996 Lisa Davies 18 Flute
1997 Caryl Caffrey 17 Cello
1998 Rhys Taylor 16 Clarinet
1999 Catrin Win Morgan 18 Violin
2000 Claire Jones 15 Violin
2001 Jamie Hutchingson 17 Violin
2002 Tomi Johnson 16 Trumpet
2003 Jocelyn Freeman 17 Piano
2004 Simran Singh 14 Violin
2005 Lee Mottram 14 Clarinet
2006 Steffan Ciccotti 14 Marimba
2007 Llywelyn Jones 17 Harp
2008 Rebecca Griffiths 17 Flute
2009 Anne Denholm 18 Harp
2010 Catrin Price 16 Flute
2011 Nest Jenkins 12 Harp
2013 Lily Whitehurst 18 Violin
2014 Epsie Thompson 17 Flute
2015 Molly Rowan Sharples 13 Violin
2016 Siriol Jenkins 17 Piano
2017 George Nash 16 Guitar