I found the presentation really inspirational and it helped a lot with my A-level composition. It was great to learn about how to compose for an instrument I'd never usually play or think about composing for. During the compositional process, the help we received was very beneficial, and it made my structure and idea much clearer in my mind. Hearing the pieces played back to me was a magical experience, and a rare opportunity. I never thought I'd ever be able to hear my own composition being played by such talented and professional musicians [Brodowski String Quartet]. It inspired me to never stop composing!
Rona MacGregor, Participant - Young Composer of Dyfed
Young Composer of Dyfed has ignited a new passion of composing from within me which I am definitely going to pursue to take part again next year. The time that Peter Reynolds, Piano Circus and Lynne Plowman offered to me was incredible and an experience which I will certainly never forget. The exhilarating moment when I heard my music being played was a true highlight of my music experiences. Without Young Composer of Dyfed I would most certainly not have the desire and the confidence which I have now to experiment with new things while music-making. John Paul Turner, Participant – Young Composer of Dyfed
It is impossible to quantify the tremendous sense of achievement or increase in self-esteem that individual pupils exhibit when they see and hear THEIR work performed by professional ensembles within the context of a 'real' concert - an experience that most professional composers have to struggle and strive for in their careers. The Young Composer scheme makes this a very real and attainable possibility for any student who wants to take part. Having a CD of the final concert also gives the pupils a memento of an occasion they will remember all their lives.
Rhian Honour, Head of Music – Queen Elizabeth High School, Carmarthen
The feedback I received was perhaps the first critical response to a composition of mine that had a significant effect on my approach to composition. It dealt with subtleties in the music that a GCSE music teacher would rarely, if ever, pay attention to: suitability of the music for the instrumentalists, colour, texture, rhythmic and harmonic variation and crucially for a composer- structure. It immediately added a new dimension to my composing that would cause me to think carefully about what I did as an artist.  [Without Young Composer] I would not have gone into composition as a full-time endeavour at Trinity College of Music, nor would my compositions have been of a satisfactory level for them to have gained me a place at such an institution. 
Aled Start, Participant – Young Composer of Dyfed
You appear to be going from strength to strength, with a finely judged balance of facilitators, mentors, advisors and performers, helping to make the opportunities enshrined within Young Composers Of Dyfed a really genuinely five-star experience, and a perfect springboard for some of the participants to come here to continue their work at RWCMD, and to other similar conservatoires in the UK and further afield.
John Hardy, Head of Composition – Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama
I was lucky enough to be able to work one to one with the ensemble [Brodowski String Quartet], to discuss my piece and its potential and flaws. I think this discussion between player and composer is immeasurably helpful and is a vital skill to learn and with the constant support of our teachers and of course in my case, Mr Reynolds, this communication is both possible and enjoyable. All these opportunities, especially in the country where it is not always easy to access these kinds of events, are, as I have said, invaluable.
Meg Ella Brookes, Participant - Young Composer of Dyfed
Young Composer of Dyfed is extremely egalitarian, encouraging children to engage with music in a creative way from a young age, and giving them the power to be the creators. Several of the winners have already gone on to study to be composers, and I think this scheme is an excellent way for Wales to grow its future composers, as well as creating a generation of young people who understand what classical music can offer them creatively and have grown to love it through participation. I would love to see this scheme rolled out across Wales so that all young people can have this opportunity as a matter of course.
Rhian Hutchings, Director – WNO Max